Watercolor Painting

Susan Shaw, Instructor

Shaw Pottery
7 Corey Trail, Wyoming, RI 02898


All levels experience

This is an all media open studio, offering individual instruction, as requested.

Please call or email for more information.

Recommended places for purchase of materials:  Jerry’s Artarama (Providence or on-line); Utrecht/Blick (Providence or on-line); South County Art Supply, Wakefield;  aswexpress.com, cheapjoes.com. There are many other sources in addition to these listed.

Below are some supplies I recommend.  Please call me with questions you may have.


Lemon yellow or a cool yellow (Hansa), new gamboge, permanent alizarin crimson, permanent rose, cerulean blue, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, raw sienna, burnt sienna, pthalo green or viridian green, titanium white.


Good paper is essential; don’t buy cheap watercolor paper!

140 lb. cold press paper (Arches is best), a 1 1/2 or 2 inch flat wash brush, 1 inch flat sabeline brush,1/2 inch flat brush, round brushes – three brushes in range of sizes – #3,#8, #14  or similar sizes, small natural sponge, paper towels or terrycloth paint rag, water container (pint size plastic container with wide mouth opening), Pike palette or “Holbein” type palette (any type of palette, a “butcher plate”, or a white plate will do).  Also, bring a sketchbook or some paper for drawing, a pencil (2b), and kneaded or white eraser.

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